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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 21, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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seeing it the most to how it's impacting travel. we start with matt keller and troubles in the south bay. matt. >> i just checked the chp website. in the past half hour there have been three traffic hazards here. the first showers arrived late this morning in san jose. dangerous driving conditions on highway 17. we shah three chp cars parked oned side of the road. one of the most dangerous thing are the sharp turns. >> you've got to expect the worst. there could be a tree or rock or maybe an accident that's already there. those are the kind of things you've got to be aware of around every blind corner you drive around. >> reporter: in santa cruz umbrellas were out on the beach today. while the rain came down the
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waves were rolling in. 20810-foot swells crashed against the rocks but not a surfer in sight. >> i'm surprisened. i predict within a half hour there will be a half dozen guys. >> the waves are gorgeous. >> reporter: shelters are filled to capacity. workers at the regional reception center say they have beds for 250, but when the weather gets rough they open it up for an additional 100 people. >> it's going to rain buckets. they get inside. >> reporter: about 3200 people in the area of san jose were without power earlier today. that has since been restored. i just checked pg&e's website. currently there are about 100 customers in santa clara county without power. >> from the south bay we move north to san francisco.
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that's where noelle walker has found people dealing with this weather. >> reporter: there are a few things going on here. i'm going to step out of the way. behind me there is a strike going on for the concession workers here at sfo. when traveling during the holidays it's best to be prepared for anything. 4-year-old duncan packed the essentials. >> these are cars. airplane. >> reporter: that little plane is going places faster than the family is. did you know you were going to have delays? >> no. but that's okay. it's only an hour. >> reporter: the average delay at sfo is an hour to an hour and a half. it's not just the rain and low clouds. it's the wind that's really slowing things down. >> we're taking off and landing about 180 degrees different than how we normally do it.
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>> reporter: add to that 90 cancellations today and it's the perfect storm. jennifer got caught up into n it. a canceled flight out of the here today. so you're basically living that the airport? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: how do you like our airport? >> i'm sorry, i can't say i like it very much right now. >> reporter: 130,000 people will pass through this airport today. that's a lot of baggage. which bag is yours ??? i don't see it. >> reporter: there's a sea of black bags. >> none of them mine. >> reporter: how much longer before you get to get on the airplane? do you know? sometimes getting there is half the fun. >> i have -- >> reporter: to grandmother's house he goes. as far as how long these delays will last the airport spokesman tells me as long as the rain and winds do. >> wet weather combined with --
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too much for a huge fir tree. the 100 feet tall tree came crashing down just as the homeowner was about to get into her car. incredibly she wasn't hurt. a power pole couldn't stand up in the heavy winds. how much longer is it going to rain tonight? bill martin is off tonight. mark tamayo is filling in. you're tracking all of this. >> the rainfall rates picking up this afternoon. about a quarter to a a half inch her hour. that's a flood advisory still in place. all the areas shaded in green. that flood advisory in place till 5:15. here is the radar. multiple sweeps bringing you the current rainfall pattern out there. we'll show you the bulk of the activity here. darker shades of depreciation
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yellows correspond to increasing rainfall rates. here's a closer inspection of some of the roadways just out toward terrace drive and north third avenue. more coverage in parts of the east bay. light to moderate cells in this region as well. we'll take a look at the live sweep. around the livermore area, stanley boulevard, and the south bay not picking up as much rainfall. the bulk of the activity is to the north of san jose. san jose not picking up any measurable rainfall over the past 24 hours. here you can pick out the darker shades of green approaching the san jose airport. and shifting the maps up to the north, not a lot to show you in san francisco. we have more rain showers in the forecast for tonight. coming up i'll have those details. also the timing of two more tomorrow storms. >> up in the sierra it's snow
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right now. they could get anywhere from 2 to 5 feet by this sunday. mike, what's it like up there? >> reporter: expected to be a night of travel. if what we saw earlier today because of this snow is any indication, if you've got travel plans, you need to watch this. the pictures -- >> severe. >> reporter: speak -- >> nerve wracking. >> reporter: for themselves. when the snow finally hit it the sierra it hit fast. >> we didn't see it coming. >> reporter: this was the 5000 elevation level this morning. this was the exact same spot 30 minutes later. >> and it's not just the snow. -- >> reporter: it's also the wind
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gusting making conditions hard to see. wind and snow combine to create at times moments of whiteout driving conditions. at times conditions got such that portions of interstate 80 shut down, traffic at a standstill because of these conditions. this was a backup we were stuck in for nearly at hour. >> a lot of wrecks. a lot of traffic jams. hard to get anywhere right now. >> reporter: the conditions on this weekend before christmas travel day so harsh that long time locals were making this prediction about tonight. >> going to be a many mile long backup on the freeway. people camping in their cars. looking for places to stay. >> reporter: that's the prediction. >> yeah. i wouldn't come out. >> reporter: but back here live, if you do come up, this is another picture that speaks for itself. a lot of new snow already accumulating for those who want time for christmas. the traffic right now. you see a snowplow.
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here the cars over this way. you know what, if you are coming up, you saw the pictures. definitely bring those chains and be prepared to sit in back of -- at times we were stuck. one other point to make here. it's not just those newcomers out here h who are affected by this snow. also the veterans. get this, at one of those accident scenes a chp officer got out, slipped on the ice, dislocated his shoulder. a colleague popped his shoulder back in and he went right back to work responding to accidents throughout the rest of this afternoon. tough guy. live in the sierra, snowy sierra. >> boy, that's really really something. a 71-year-old skier is dead tonight after crashing into a tree. it happened about 11:00 this morning on the kt 22 ski run. authorities haven't released the victim's name yet. they say he was wearing a
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helmet when he crashed. >> the nra spoke for the first time today since the newtown, connecticut school shooting and called for armed guards at schools. mike mibach here with who is calling this proposal nothing more than a distraction. >> reporter: it was billed as a news conference. the nra took no questions. instead it was a presentation that offered up a plan as one nra official said to stop the next killer waiting in the wings. in a town where terror descended exactly one week ago, today a moment of silence was observed. >> now we must speak. >> reporter: silent no more is the national rifle association of america. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> reporter: today nra executive vice president wayne lapierre to protecting students and said he says since the
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president and certain members of congress have armed security, why not our children. he says he wants armed officers at schools and the government to help pay for it. >> i call on congress today to act immediately to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every single school in this nation. >> nra, stop killing our children. >> reporter: protesters stopped the presentation twice. >> we don't want this overly powerful lobby group, the nra, which is extremely powerful dictating what, how we're going live our lives as americans. >> reporter: the president of the international association of chiefs of police called the nra's proposal unworkable given the huge numbers of officers needed. senator diane feinstein had this reaction from capitol hill. >> the nra's blanket call to arm our schools is really
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nothing more than a distraction. >> reporter: during the press conference the nra also criticized violent video games and the national media and it says it rewards killers with wall to wall attention. mike mibach. >> state senator released a statement in response to the nra's proposal. it read quote, more guns are not the answer to protecting our children as evident by the fact that armed guards weren't enough to stop the tragedy at columbine high school. the nra's response is pathetic and completely unacceptable. >> it was one week ago today that 26 people were massacred at that elementary school in newtown. >> dawn hochsprung, principal. [bell toll]
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>> bells rang out at connecticut at 9:30 east coast time. the names of the 20 children and six school employees who were killed were read allow followed by bell tolls. a church in newtown also rang its bell 26 times. there was an unlined moment of silence. some major websites went dark for a minute and posted green ribbons to remember those lost. companies taking part included aol, the huffington post and adobe. this coincided with a moment of silence across social media sites. over 100,000 people pledged not to tweet or post to facebook during that moment of silence. >> san jose police are investigating a deadly stabbing that happened at app office party. just before 3:00 a.m. at an insurance office. the male victim was attending a graduation party when he was stabbed at least once. he's the cousin of the owner of that business. police have not released a suspect description or motive. san jose police today
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announced the airs of two men in the killing of a teenager. the suspects are jacob withly and louis reyna. police say the victim may have been killed during a robbery attempt involving drugs. >> armed guards in every school. what parents and educators think about the proposal. >> we are on storm watch tonight. we're giving you a live look at storm tracker 2. a lot of green on there. our meteorologist will be up in minutes to tell you when it's going to rain hardest in your neighborhood. ño
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bells tolled today in the south bay to honor the victims of the school massacre in connecticut. a prayer vigil was held at the
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dominican sisters chapel to mark one week since this tragedy. organizers say events like this can help people heal. >> our whole nation is grieving the loss of innocent lives, the loss of heroes. when one is in grief, it is helpful to come together as a community in prayer, in ritual. >> the sisters say they plan to put together messages from the community and send them to the families of the victims in connecticut. earlier we heard from the head of the national rifle association saying there should be an officer at every school in the country. we wanted to find out what parents thinking. so anne ruben is at richmond high school there. >> reporter: we're here at richmond high school. they have security cameras, gates, and armed guards. and while officials and parents say it seems to help, the idea of making it universal is being met with mixed reviews.
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>> my -- no guns for everybody. >> the give ups aren't the issue. it's our people who are having the problems. >> putting people with guns around our kids is just not helpful. >> i think it sends the wrong idea to the kids. >> reporter: for many schools this is already reality. oakland, san francisco and san jose unified have armored police at schools. school board members say it appears to make a difference. >> i would say that it's a mixed feeling, but the perception in the community. >> reporter: right now 20 armed officers and 40 site supervisories handle just the middle and high schools. about $5 million a year. officials don't know how they'd pay to staff the elementary schools too. >> how am i going to put armed police officers at 50 school ??? i think it's about a third of schools have armed security. >> reporter: berkeley
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sociologist says right now studies don't indicate whether more guards mean less violence. >> it's up to the individuals who are armed. there's no data on what the effect would be. >> reporter: taking action at an elementary school, but they're adding cameras, not guards for now. live in richmond. >> police are looking for the person behind a series of threats to an oakland elementary school. someone called hoover elementary saying there would be a shooting there. threat caused the school to go into lockdown mode for about one hour. administrators say most of the children were not even aware of the threat. san jose police combed an east san jose neighborhood and placed a school on lockdown following a report of two armed men in that area. officers located the suspects prompting a lockdown of the
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campus. police later arrested the suspects and lifted the lockdown order. the suspects may have been involved in an armed ran robbery yesterday. >> police made an arrest in a deadly home invasion robbery. 22-year-old raven dixson was arrested earlier this week. she is charged with silver counts including being an accessory to homicide. police is v not said what ties dixon has to raveesh kumra's death. investigators believe several people were inside his home when he was killed and his wife was beaten. >> twinkies, and other popular hostess products will soon likely return to store shelves but under new owners. hostess brand says it expects to sell off its 30 or so baked sweets and bread brands to several buyers. they expect buyers will acquire up to 30 of its plants. it began shutting down its
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operations just last month. >> let's talk more about our weather. at times fitness pour being. >> the flood advisory has been allowed to expire. that was reflecting the minor flooding in parts of the north bay. i suspect that we'll be coming back up as we head into saturday and sunday. more storms lining up offshore. you can see live storm tracker 2, there's the sweep. we're going to come in closer to the santa cruz mountains. this has been developing, those darker shades of green. we'll tap the rainfall rates here. estimates, we'll move that around and get a higher number, nearly a third of an inch an hour. we do have a cluster of rain showers here. moderate to heavy at times. closer inspection of some of the roadways. shift to the maps here and show
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you the activity in parts of the east bay. it's been winding down a little bit. right around 580. you will be dealing with downpours in this region. out toward the san francisco coast and peninsula. not to lot to show you. you could still have showers. up in the north bay, moving out of napa county out toward fairfield. as far as rainfall totals over the past 24 hours. north bay picked up the most rainfall. santa rosa, nearly 2.5 inches of rain. san francisco, .15. san jose, not a lot. just trace amounts. right now they're reporting light rain. here's the set up in the pacific. it'll set up a very moist westerly track over the next few days. two more storms. one more tomorrow. another as we head into your sunday. as far as the sierra update.
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i snapped this picture at 3:30 this afternoon. winter storm warning in place all weekend long. here is our forecast model showing increase in the short term and increase in the rain showers. here we are 10:00 this evening. we'll take this into your saturday. we will be tracking heavy rain first thing saturday morning between 5 and 8. then into the mid-morning hours by 10:00 some scattered rain showers. breaks by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. another storm could be stronger developing in the pacific. we'll have more details on that and how much rainfall you can expect in your neighborhood through the weekend. >> a new development tonight involving where the a's may play for the next five years. the letter the other than has sent to the baseball commissioner and what he's asking for. >> these women aren't just getting makeovers. they're also trying to heal.
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the sadness they all share and their hope. >> and we continue our storm watch tonight. we're giving you a live look at the east shore freeway and 80 is just packed both east and westbound with a triple whammy. it is the friday evening commute, it is a holiday get away day and of course all that rain. we'll be back to tell you when that rain might ease up.
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breaking news here in just
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the past few minutes we learned a federal appeals court put on hold a new state law that's intended to prevent therapists from trying to change a minor's sexual orientation. a process known as conversion therapy. the state said that therapy is ineffective and dangerous. a judge panel agreed to block the law. breaking news that we're just getting. more information as we get it. we bring you so many stories about mothers who have lost their children to violence. rob roth shows us how for them life does go. amid the difficult days there sometimes comes a day like today. >> reporter: this was the day to be pampered and perhaps set aside anguish if only for a few hours. >> it's like a vacation.
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>> reporter: valiry is part of a club no one wants to be in. each has lost a child to homicide. this mother has buried four of her children. all died violently. >> there are times i cried my eyes almost out. >> reporter: today she could relax a little. she along with the other mothers here are members of the healing circle. >> that makes me feel good. i have not had my nails done in years. >> you need soothing for all this negative and stress that's going on. >> reporter: we thought this was a wonderful way to take a moment away from some grieving moms. to really enjoy something and personalize and help get a
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healing process going. >> reporter: these mothers say what happened in connecticut a week ago has hit them especially hard. they know the painful road those families are now on. >> take it one day at a time. >> reporter: as she sits there a photo of her slain son sits right beside her. >> it was so much about this time of the year that i remember about my son. >> reporter: grief has taken its toll on these women. the holidays aren't as joyous as they once were. but here in the back of a beauty salon for a moment a smile returns. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a fourth suspect has now been arrested in connection with the fatal stabbing of a football player. 17-year-old justice was killed two years ago. it happened at cedar boulevard and burch street. 22-year-old anthony bernel was arrested this week and charged
5:29 pm
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as we inch closer to the fiscal cliff, the president and top lawmakers are leaving washington, d.c. for the holiday. before he left for hawaii president obama issued a stern request to congressional leaders to approve legislation before the end of the year. >> once this legislation has
5:32 pm
agreed to i expect democrats and republicans to get back to washington and have it pass both chambers. i will immediately sign that legislation into law before january 1st of next year. >> the president was referring to legislation that would prevent a middle class tax hike and would protect unemployment insurance. he spoke after talking by phone with house speaker john boehner and meeting with senate majority leader. the dow industrials dropped 120 points. the nasdaq fell 29. we also saw a number of conflicting economic reports that experts say suggests the economy is not sure where it's going top our consumer editor tom vacar is in san francisco's financial district with some explanations. >> reporter: there are two winds. those that are blowing and the
5:33 pm
much more important economic cross winds. for the overall economy most critical shopping days are ahead of us. >> i'm very cautious about how i spend now but i can imagine that spending if something like this happens. it will definitely affect how i spend my money. >> reporter: that worries consumertologist psychologist. >> the drop in consumer confidence has everything to do with the fiscal cliff. what we're seeing is that consumers really don't have a sense of trust that they're safe. they're wondering about the future ramp consumer spending numbers just released for november shows spending at a three year high. but that was last month. today's critical consumer confidence numbers are at a five month low. and today the stock market closed down triple digits. >> people don't like
5:34 pm
uncertainties. there's a possibility of something happening. you don't like to hang your hat on what happens in washington. >> the prospect of huge tax increases plus some spending cults is clearly raise the amount of uncertainty and the amount of risk that's in the economy. >> i think they'll settle it, but i still think the taxes are going to go up. >> reporter: despite all that is at risk the president and the congress are on vacation. consumer editor, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> california's unemployment rate ticked down to 9.8%. that's the first time the rate has fallen under 10% since 2009. there wasn't an actual increase in payroll job. labor lawyer and former director says it really depends on how you define employed. >> so the fact that it's going down indicates people are saying they're employed but they may be independent
5:35 pm
contractors or self-employed and frankly in very marginal conditions. i would give more weight to the payroll numbers. >> under that scenario, unemployment actually climbed. >> president obama today announced john kerry as his nominee for secretary of state saying the senator's entire life has prepared him for this role. the democrat from massachusetts appeared with the president for the white house announcement. kerry is a decorated vietnam vet and currently chairs the senate foreign relations commit. he is expected to be easily confirm. >> i think it's fair to say that few individuals know as many presidents and prime ministers or grasp our foreign policies as firmly as john kerry. this makes him a perfect choice to guide american diplomacy. >> kerry is the son of a diplomat and has represented amaze since 1985. if confirmed he will replace hillary clinton.
5:36 pm
>> our storm watch coverage continues with the tricky timing last minute holiday shoppers are forced to do. part of supersaturday is going to get soaked. christian. >> reporter: >> today's rainy skies couldn't keep shoppers off the streets around union square. >> reporter: shoppers said with the countdown to christmas winding down they don't have a choice. >> if they're going to spend some money, yes, they're going to spend some money. it's a holiday spirit. >> reporter: she actually thinks some shoppers might be lulled into thinking it's going to be slow tomorrow. she's betting shoppers will be surprised. >> people are going to shop even more because they think people are going to be inside. but no. >> reporter: quick silver manager says the shopping season has been brisk since
5:37 pm
thanksgiving. he says the weather can play a big role, but thinks shoppers will turn out for deep discounts tomorrow. >> i think if the weather came like this last week it would have been an issue. but since it's the last weekend it's not going to stop anybody. >> reporter: high end retailers say they're expecting a lot of customers this weekend despite stormy weather. >> rain or shine i think when people, especially for jewelry needs they'll push through it. this is the season to get engaged. >> reporter: retailers tell me they're hoping to lure in that last minute business with deep discounts and extended store hours. >> the opener of the a's is reportedly pushing to keep his team in okayland. lew wolff proposed to delay a move to san jose until 201. the a's have been waiting almost four years for approval to move to the south bay.
5:38 pm
late this afternoon oakland's mayor release add statement pledging to work with the team to get a fair lease extension. the head of the oakland zoo says they can't believe it. what an anonymous person has just given the zoo. >> we showed you this explosion just weeks ago. today it is taking a new ominous turn. >> might call it a shoe frenzy. the shoe that all of these people were after at a bay area mall. this is nothing compared to what happened at a store in dallas. >> first we continue our storm watch coverage with a live look at what's happening in oakland right around the coliseum. traffic actually looks good here. freeway is full. but boy, it is moving. dj ño
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three people have been charged with murder now following last month's massive house explosion in indianapolis. a couple died in that blast and a neighborhood was decimated. prosecutors say homeowner shirley, her boyfriend and his brother caused the explosion. prosecutors say the suspects were not at home at the time, but that it was an intentional act caused by natural gas. a couple who lived next door was killed. five homes were destroyed and almost 100 others were damaged. a dirt biker who was hit and killed yesterday has now
5:42 pm
been identified. investigators say 32-year-old rayem malinski was killed instantly. the train had left oakland around 10 yesterday morning and was headed for bakers field. crew members and all passengers on board the train were not injure. >> a multimillion dollar yacht designed for late apple ceo steve jobs is now at the center of a payment dispute. steve jobs collaborated on the design but never saw it completed. the $132 million yacht is now being impounded until the dispute is resolved. one of the most popular music videos this year has made youtube history once again. gangnam style just reached 1 billion views on youtube. two of them are mine.
5:43 pm
it's the first video to reach that mark. earlier this year it edged out justin beiber's baby music video for the previous record of more than 800 million views. >> around the bay watching vulnerable areas. two roadways. >> still tracking rain showers on live storm tracker 2 radar. timing of the two heaviest rain bands this weekend. how much rain you can expect in your neighborhood.
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storm watch coverage continues with damage done by this latest round of wind and rain. ktvu's jade hernandez live with the impact of the storm. >> reporter: it's been raining here all day. that has cities watching for vulnerable areas. the house now inhauptable has a backyard protected by a tarp. sand backs are out. the home and s a mile and a half up and away from a sink hole. not completely fixed. it was a contributing factor this to this road closure for more than six months. this afternoon crews in the rain reopened. during the massive $it 12 million project crews had to avoid shutting down a water and sewer line. >> provides water to i believe a half million people.
5:47 pm
and chevron refinery and the sugar plant. >> reporter: the bike shop's owner isn't complaining. he saw business plummet. whether traffic was having a lot of trouble getting into and out of town being only one freeway exit instead of two. >> reporter: recent rain shut down another road which wasn't expected to reopen today but did out of necessity. >> this street is a real important bypass for circulation. so a lot of folks use this to get around the downtown traffic. if it's not operating we have more congestion than downtown. >> reporter: the city's mayor who lives right across the street watched crews work for nine days straight 24/7. >> if there's a problem, i'm going to know immediately. >> reporter: other cities monitoring trouble spots. the city's public works department says that clean and unclogged drains after the last
5:48 pm
drain. reporting live tonight, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> here's another live look at what's happening on intertait 80 right now through the berkeley area. it is still just packed. the same as it was when we first showed you this live picture. keep in mind our meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking all this rain. he'll be telling us what kind of impact it will have. the full forecast coming up in 3 minutes. >> today is december 21st. a day that some feared would be the mayan apocalypse. while some waited for the end of the world as we know it, others gathered to celebrate a new beginning. tourists and spiritualists came together to mark the end of the mayan calendar. many took part in ancient rituals to usher in the beginning of a new era. all together tens of thousands of people are expected to visit the sites. >> the fight over fiscal cliff could impact all of us at the
5:49 pm
grocery store. the battle in congress ties up a farm bill that keeps the cost of milk down. right now a gallon of milk averages $3-point 55 nationwide. but if there's no resolution, prices could rise to $6 or $8 a gallon next month. federal health regulators cleared the way for the first approval of any genetically engineered animal for human consumption. the fda released the assessment saying the salmon which grows twice as fast as regular salmon is unlikely to harm the environment. the fda previously said the fish appears to be safe to eat. >> christmas has really come early in the form of a $1 million grant. an anonymous donor provided the zoo with that gift.
5:50 pm
the donor advised. the donation comes as the zoo says there will be more additions and necessary improvements. the zoo's president called the gift truly extraordinary. >> holiday travel got a bit easier today for passengers at chicago's o'hare international airport. more than 350 flights called off yesterday due to a winter storm. some 200,000 passengers are expected to fly out of o'heir today. >> officials have closed a section of interstate 5 up in northern california after a storm and led to unsafe driving conditions. the california highway patrol has closed highway 10, 10 miles north of reading. they're advising drivers to use an alternate route. a foot of snow has fall in some
5:51 pm
areas. could see 7 feet of snow before the storm moves out on sunday. >> well snow there, rain here. first in a series of storms over to our meteorologist now. safe to say the worst is over for tonight? >> we will have more clusters of rain showers out there. we're not in the clear just yet. the showers have the decrease, at least in the short term over the past few hours. the coverage has been decreasing as well. we will have a few pocket ace preach the region. right now, you can see the coverage out there. has been backing up quite a bit over the past few hours in the santa cruz mountains. we'll move the maps here. around fremont area. this is dissipating as well. still rainfall to report in this region. up in the north bay, you can pick out the coverage with not a lot to show you. the most organized activity. now we're talking about
5:52 pm
rainfall totals today. the most rain was up in the north bay. you can see these numbers. just over 3 inches. one area in the hills picked up over 6 inches of rain. over the past 24 hours. that's what happens when you have the moist flow moving in from the pacific and gets lifted and the moisture gets squeezed out by the hills. we still have more significant rain developing as we have a couple more storms developing out here in the pacific. here's the flow developing for your saturday. our second storm moves in. morning rain turning over to showers. sunday will be the strongest storm. a quick glance at some of the expectations with rainfall. north bay could be 3.5 inches of rain through the weekend. around the central portioners of the pay, 1 to 2 inches. we could pick up more for the coastal hills. here's our forecast model. does increase some rain showers. not everywhere. up in the northern parts of the
5:53 pm
renal. then into it tomorrow morning the heaviest rain move miss, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00. as 9 and 10 we scale back on the coverage somewhat. as we expand the view here, you'll notice still more rain approaching the region. that third storm. as you can see, late sunday morning into the afternoon hours. the rainfall rates really pick up. we should have a break in the action by sunday into monday. winter storm warning in place for the mountains. take a look at our five-day forecast coming up. here you can see it's active. heavy rain into sunday. monday it'll be dry. for christmas day the chance of a few showers. once again, into sunday. we'll have to keep an eye on the rainfall. we'll have an update coming up. >> it was all for the shoes. the new release by a popular manufacturer that created a frenzy at stores. see what happened at one spot
5:54 pm
in the bay area. cñ w
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5:56 pm
new pairs of air jordan shoes created quite a stir today at one bay area mall. this video was taken by a viewer in gnu ark. it shows what happens when stores stopped selling the $185
5:57 pm
shoes. hundreds of people waited in line for hours. chaos broke out when somebody from the mall started handing out raffle tickets to get the jordans. >> he was surprised. he put out pepper spray. everybody started backing up. he felt attacked. >> no arrests were made. there were no injuries. >> in texas police had to use pepper spray on a crowd that was lined up for those shoes. about 200 people lined up to buy the air jordans. police say the crowd began to get unruly so they used pepper spray to try and control them. several people had to be treated at the scene. >> we are tracking the storm for you tonight. we'll learn where the storm is targeting right now. we'll go back to our live crews in the south bay and at sfo for a complete look at how the weather is impacting us this hour. >> one bay area district attorney wants to get violent
5:58 pm
video games out of the hands of children. the new tactic he's trying. well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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